Play To Strength

Online personal training via Zoom, Facebook Rooms or Google Meet! More information coming soon!

My goal in personal training is to help my clients find their own personal fun in exercise.  I will work with you to design a program that you can enjoy and will meet your goals.  This may change over time and can even start out as varied as you wish.

We will first meet to chat about what you want, what you like, what you are doing currently for movement and what you may have done before and either liked or didn’t like.  We will meet later, there will be forms for you to bring back and you may have thought more about what we discussed, for an assessment which will determine what your fitness starting point is. Unlike many such assessments, there will be no weighing or measuring involved.

I do recommend that we do two sessions a week to begin, unless you are already experienced exerciser and are just looking for some insight.  After a few weeks you may wish to cut back to once a week.  Ultimately, my goal is to educate you so that you do not need me, except perhaps to “check-in” once and awhile.   (I do hope to be including online options as well, which may also be utilized by face-to-face clients)

I try to make this as affordable for everyone, which is why I have a sliding scale. I do this on an “honor system” of your determination of what you can afford and do hope that those who can afford to pay a bit more will choose so in order that I can afford to continue to do it this way for those who cannot.

The first meeting is free of charge, it is in many ways a “job interview” where you are deciding to hire me and I am determining how I can best do my job for you.