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New Year’s Planning

31 Dec

The tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions may have actually started out as a positive thing, however, it has an ominous tone for many. Typically these promises are about lifestyle changes which often involve deprivation (diets!) or discipline (hard-core exercise!) or both and, today, most people start it off with a “joke” that they will have failed by Valentine’s Day. It really has become a time for big proclamations with little intent to succeed, as most of these resolutions revolve around promising to do things you don’t want to do for a goal that society has told you you should strive for.

So instead, why not consider some plans, plans that might get you moving, might get you wanting to eat things that make you feel better but are not around arbitrary weight goals or to meet what society or your mother think you should be doing?  And, most importantly, things that are fun! 

As always, these plans need to be personal and need to be about what you want to do this year. Perhaps you really think the Zombie races or Mud Runs sound fun, start making a plan to be able to run one this year, find one near you and sign up! None of these races are about winning, they’re about having fun getting down and dirty! Perhaps a long walk is more your speed and you’ve always wanted to do one to help out a cause, start or step up your walking program and find such a walk in your area. Maybe you always wanted to learn to tango, maybe take your partner out for an anniversary dance, time to find lessons and sign up!

The important thing in finding joy in movement for the New Year is making plans to play. Leave the deprivation and discipline talk behind in 2012 and find your movement bliss!

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