Play To Strength


Once upon a time most of us thought of movement as play. We found joy and happiness in moving our bodies. As children we often shared the joy dogs do in just running around and playing, without a goal other than to be running around. Our imaginations soared with our joy. We played like puppies!
  • We can learn to play again!
  • Movement does not have to be about punishment, guilt or shame!
  • Your body is wonderful and you can nurture its strength in a loving, joyful way!
  • You can decide what movement you take joy in, what you find fun and you do not need to be stuck to one routine, even one you enjoy. You can find many ways to play,  keep things fresh!

Training Services (coming soon)

Online Personal Training

Online personal training via Zoom, Facebook Rooms or Google Meet! More information coming soon!

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Online Training Buddy or Small Group Personal Training

For those who have a training buddy or two either at home or to join in separately to train together which can be both a more affordable option and a way to share the fun!

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About Me

I'm Sìleas Kym Lambert and I am your socially awkward personal trainer. Seriously, I am probably the opposite of what many think of fitness professionals, I am not particularly outgoing and certainly not bouncy. But I also know I am not alone in preferring a bit more low-key social energy and that some folks just don't feel comfortable with a super extroverted trainer. I am passionate about fitness as a path to having fun and feeling better. I am possibly the trainer you are looking for if you:

  • Would rather exercise in the privacy of your home, either alone or with a friend or three, rather than at a gym or club.
  • Are looking for a body positive exercise experience that is based on finding out movements you enjoy.
  • Want to move with some guidance but without false promises or judgement.